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LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR released their second album "Charnel Noir" on October 1st. In the tenth part of our "retrospective" series, artist O-A reflects upon this release and the year 2021. Check the other already published pieces of our retro blogposts by clicking on the band name: THE AMENTA, AARA, FORHIST, ANARKHON, INFERNO, WHITE WARD, PERILAXE OCCLUSIONKRYPTAN & MODERN RITES.

Sepulchral entity LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR presented a first sign of life with the EP "Cemetery Glow" in 2016, before their debut "Nocta" was unleashed a year afterwards. Their unique sound and approach to song writing is hard to categorize and describe, since Gothic Metal with a deadly twist hardly does justice to the different elements the band integrates into their sound. With their latest album, the artistic duo further developed and refined their compositions and unleashed nine tracks of dolorous songwriting. "Charnel Noir" was released on October 1st.

DMP's Jonathan notices that LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR restore eroticism and seduction in the world of extreme Metal:

"On their second album "Charnel Noir", the artists behind LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR prove that they are walkers between the worlds. Every time the listener gets the feeling he or she has discovered all the influences and elements present on this album, a new detail unveils itself. And even though most compositions on "Charnel Noir" seem to sound nearly calm and soft at first listen, the deeper one enters the sound cosmos of the long player, the more one discovers the Black and Doom Metal influences and subtle elements which lie hidden in many songs. Nonetheless, despite all these different layers of sound, the tracks always sound approachable. The sinister and gloomy 'Our Night Hours' or the haunting and seductively silent 'There Are Many Shadows' are perfect examples of LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR's talent to compose catchy, yet long-lasting tracks. "Charnel Noir" is an erotic and intimate experience, one of the few albums which manages to combine the gloomy sound of Gothic's classics with the sinister and evil aspects of Black and Doom Metal."

O-A reflects upon the release of "Charnel Noir" and 2021 in general:

"Releasing "Charnel Noir" has been an excellent experience. After many years of incremental progression in composition and aesthetic development, having it out into the world – and in the way it was released by Debemur Morti – has been extremely satisfying, and we couldn't be more content. For us, 2021 was consumed by this album, and I believe that we achieved exactly what we always want to with LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR; conjure dark Art that speaks to us, aligned with the right elements and individuals, and under the right banner. Of course, with the music we create, we sit in a slightly unorthodox space, but there is little more rewarding than watching a night-flower like "Charnel Noir" bloom – and continue to do so – in the way it has."

What the future will bring is currently open, as O-A narrates:

"Much like after "Nocta", we have immediately started work on the next chapter. What the road ahead looks like for this, I can't be sure of. And if fate allows, we would love to perform live again. But until then we will stay hungering in our crypts, with thoughts to the darkened skies above."

The album can be listened to on Bandcamp as well as on our YouTube channel. It can be ordered via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

Posted on 01-06-2022 | Category: Light Of The Morning Star