• Torog - Top 30 Metal albums

    12-16-2019 | Category: Behexen

    We asked Hoath Torog what are his top 30 Metal albums ever!

  • BEHEXEN - Full Album Stream

    05-27-2016 | Category: Behexen

    We give you the opportunity to discover the much awaited new BEHEXEN offering. Indeed "The Poisonous Path", their preeminent opus to date. Their fifth album is already critically acclaimed :...

  • BEHEXEN - "Umbra Luciferi" (Song Premiere)

    05-10-2016 | Category: Behexen

    Finnish Black Metal horde BEHEXEN are streaming a second bestial track taken from their forthcoming album "The Poisonous Path". This new song, entitled "Umbra Luciferi", is listenable at...

  • BEHEXEN releases 'Chalice Of The Abyssal Water' music video

    04-20-2016 | Category: Behexen

    Can you smell the mefitic perfume of death and desolation ? Could it be related to us revealing a new BEHEXEN song ?! Indeed, the Satanic Finnish horde reveal a first excerpt of their highly...

  • BEHEXEN reveal new album details

    03-18-2016 | Category: Behexen

    The return of Darkness and Evil... BEHEXEN, the Finnish sovereign of pure Devilish Black Metal, are back 4 years after the critically acclaimed "Nightside Emanations" and reveal the title,...

  • BEHEXEN : Inferno

    03-29-2013 | Category: Behexen

    Today, BEHEXEN will celebrate a Black Mass at the Inferno Festival, Norway. If you're not attending, we have some news for you to rejoice: On June 7th (June 25th in North America), we will...