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  • SELBST unveil video clip

    09-28-2021 | Category: Selbst

    Black Metal Promotion premieres the video for 'Sculpting The Dirtiness Of Its Existence'.

  • 2020 Retro - SELBST

    01-01-2021 | Category: Selbst

    During the heat of summer, “Relatos de Angustia”, the second album of SELBST, provided the perfect cooling with its melancholic, nihilistic, and angst-ridden compositions.

  • Interview with Fabio Rincones

    09-21-2020 | Category: Selbst

    In order to shed light on the visual Artists involved with the albums we release, here we present an interview with Fabio Rincones, a Venezuelan artist whose sculptures are featured throughout the...

  • SELBST - New album out now!

    08-07-2020 | Category: Selbst

    Epic Black Metal introspection from the tortured heart of South America

  • SELBST - Full album stream

    07-31-2020 | Category: Selbst

    "This is truly South American Black Metal at its finest." (Two Guys Metal Reviews)

  • SELBST - New album details disclosed

    05-27-2020 | Category: Selbst

    Debemur Morti Productions proudly present ‘Relatos De Angustia’ (‘Stories Of Anguish’), the immense second full-length from SELBST which finds the band realising their potential in definitive style.