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SELBST was formed 2010 in Venezuela by multi-instrumentalist/lyricist N and vocalist Frozen, releasing their initial demo "Veritas Filia Temporis" shortly afterwards. In 2016 N moved to Chile to search out new collaborators and opportunities. The resultant self-titled full-length, featuring vocals by N. Onfray of ANIMUS MORTIS, was released in 2017 to great underground acclaim.

In 2018 N became SELBST's lead vocalist and the project turned into a fully-fledged live band, taking to the stage for the first time as the next step of their evolution. The band unleashed second album, "Relatos de Angustia", in 2020 – a universally praised, deep and challenging record which rewarded repeat listens.

SELBST subsequently honed their artistry and the band's evolution into a formidable live act was marked by the 2023 digital release of live album, "Vortex Of Anguish And Death".

As SELBST reaches its 14th year, visionary N is now poised to reveal the band's third and most compelling album yet. Titled "Despondency Chord Progressions," this landmark release will emerge on April 19th through Debemur Morti Productions and further refines the intricate, shadowy depths of their already sophisticated sound.