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  • SLIDHR – Re-Signing & DMP Vault, Part V

    05-24-2023 | Category: Slidhr

    On the 10th anniversary of "Deluge", Dublin's finest return to DMP

  • SLIDHR : Hex

    04-09-2013 | Category: Slidhr

    A second song, "Hex", of the debut SLIDHR album is now available for streaming at the following location : Their long-awaited first album, "Deluge", will be...

  • SLIDHR : The Chronicle Of A Deluge Foretold

    03-12-2013 | Category: Slidhr

    Irish Cult entity SLIDHR is about to offer the world its first full-length album. Soberly called "Deluge", it features ten songs of innovative Supreme Black Metal which evoke celestial turmoil and...