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About us

Debemur Morti Productions emerged in 2003 from the putrid guts of a soiled and gangrened scene, diverted from its original meaning.

Disillusioned by the second-rate experience offered by many underground labels, Debemur Morti Productions set out to prove that ‘underground’ does not have to mean ‘mediocrity’.

In accordance with its philosophy the label subsequently concentrated on quality over quantity, artistry over commercial viability, securing deals with revered acts such as BLUT AUS NORD, ARCHGOAT, IN THE WOODS..., TERRA TENEBROSA, BEHEXEN and MANES.

While the label’s early years were deep-rooted in Black Metal, Debemur Morti Productions take pride in the diversity of their roster and continue to progress, unearthing multifarious treasures from wider spheres of the Black Arts.

DMP is now a seal of quality, each release a unique synthesis of otherworldly music and perfectly crafted physical product.
True pieces of Art!