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Insect Ark 

Dripping and lurching horror films, gritty noir textures, crushing weight and viciously sensual delicacy: INSECT ARK is raw, ominous, desolate, and fearlessly unique.

INSECT ARK is the duo of American artists Dana Schechter (bass, lap steel, synths, vocals - also a member of SWANS) and Tim Wyskida (drums, percussion - also a member of KHANATE). The band is based in Berlin.

"Raw Blood Singing" - the band’s fourth full-length - is the result of a year’s writing. With a shared obsession with innovation and distillation, the duo merged and created an album that offers a sonic landscape which vacillates between sensory overload and isolation in a seething void.

"Raw Blood Singing" will be released 07.06.2024 on Debemur Morti Productions.