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  • Svartidauði
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    Digipack MCD Transmission: Vibrating from the centre of a dead sun and manifested in the terrible shadow cast by the sect's debut offering, Flesh Cathedral, The Synthesis of Whore and Beast presents two apocalyptic hymns of blinding illumination and iconoclastic orgasms, tantric mantras to end all flesh. New, totally revamped layout by BrianVDP.Released...
  • V/A
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    CD Ekstrophë, a musical collaboration of six bands, each presenting the soundscape of disembodiment through their perspective. The whole has been tied together with Dark Ambient by Black Majesty and The Temple of Erythran Current, crowned by amazing artwork by Cold Poison (Antithesis). Six tracks. Six lyric sheets. Six artworks. Features Dødsengel,...
  • Svartidauði
    12,50 € In Stock
    Digipack CD All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity. Recorded at Manus Nigra Studios in the early winter of 2011, Flesh Cathedral is an epic journey through labyrinthine nightmares and hallucinogenic initiation. Chronicling years of meditative abuse of body and mind,...
  • Arkona
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    Digipack CD For the first time ever, the 3rd ARKONA masterpiece, "Nocturnal Arkonian Hordes", is available on vinyl.Remixed & remastered at Church Of Chaos Studio. A must-have !Released by Hellfire Records.
  • Hegemone
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    Digipack CD Formed in 2010, on second album ‘We Disappear’ Polish quartet HEGEMONE use an intensely personal interpretation of blackened post-metal to depict the never-ending process of change in all its terrifying beauty. To a weighty base of thematic widescreen riffs and ardent vocals, the band fuses modernist black metal with hardcore fury, chiming...
  • Cornigr
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    Digipack MCD The music to your funeral, CORNIGR disbands with this three track masterpiece of poisonous, rotten, hypnotizing Black Metal. One door closes, seven gates opens… Released by Terratur Possessions.
  • Slidhr
    10,00 € In Stock
    Digipack MCD Fiery Black Metal from Ireland. Intricate, yet without straying away from the by now well known Slidhr sound; fresh and unique, something thats quite an accomplishment in todays infected Black Metal “scene”. Released by Terratur Possessions.
  • Imha Tarikat
    10,00 € In Stock
    Digipack MCD Furious, negative, powerful and intense Black Metal based in Germany. With Turkish and Egyptian roots the band has a somewhat unique and intricate style yet never straying away from the left hand path laid before them by the for-fathers of the genre. Released by Terratur Possessions.
  • Whoredom Rife
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    Digipack CD True Norwegian Black Metal. With ‘Dommedagskvad’ they have clearly succeeded to combine all elements of the genre yet perfecting it their own way. It’s nothing new, yet so honest, well crafted and unique sounding it’s hard not to be drawn into the Whoredom Rife universe. You will not be disappointed!” Specially packaged CD with spot gloss...
  • Dark Sonority
    10,00 € In Stock
    Digipack MCD After the passing of Steimgrim Torson Brissach, KAOSRITUAL was laid to rest. Up from the ashes arose DARK SONORITY, and their first offerings here presented are the tracks made under the KAOSRITUAL banner, only performed a few times live but never before recorded. A bonus track was added, namely a cover of BATHORYs – Call From The Grave....
  • Varsovie
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    Digipack CD ‘Coups et Blessures’ - the 3rd VARSOVIE album – is a confident display of sharp, sylvan song-craft. Walking a tight, melancholic line between dark rock and post-punk, these 9 new songs – with lyrics entirely in French – feature an incessant cutting edge and a newly heightened febrile atmosphere. Coups Et Blessures by VARSOVIE
  • Wolves In The Throne Room
    15,00 € In Stock
    Digipack CD Now, a portal into the dreamworld of Wolves in the Throne Room opens again with Thrice Woven. It is a glorious return to the blazing and furious Black Metal that they alone can create! Released by Artemisia Records.