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  • AARA - Album details and first single disclosed

    01-12-2021 | Category: Aara

    Less than one year after the highly praised "En Ergô Einai", we are thrilled to announce the third AARA album "Triade I: Eos" and present the first single 'Naufragus'.

  • 2020 Retro - AARA

    12-24-2020 | Category: Aara

    Being one of those bands which proof that one should strike while the iron’s hot (meaning: the creativity is flowing), AARA’s second album is a beautiful and epic, yet at the same time furious take...

  • AARA - New album details unveiled

    02-14-2020 | Category: Aara

    Only a year after their accomplished debut, Switzerland’s AARA strikes while the iron is hot with the release of their mesmerizing second record, “En Ergô Einai”.

  • AARA join forces with Debemur Morti Productions

    07-17-2019 | Category: Aara

    Blown away by this year's phenomenal debut album So Fallen Alle Tempel, we are delighted to unveil our collaboration with Swiss atmospheric Black Metal project AARA !