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Ever-inspired multi-instrumentalist and composer Jason Köhnen (BONG-RA, MANSUR, ex-THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE) channels his most unorthodox musical ideas through the project THE LOVECRAFT SEXTET. In part nine of our retrospective series, we turn to "Miserere" – an eerie hybrid of Darkjazz and avant-Black Metal released last October. Check out the already published retro blogposts by clicking the band's name: PURE WRATH, CAILLEACH CALLING, AARA, ARCHGOAT, BLUT AUS NORDWHITE WARDPESTILENT HEX & POWER FROM HELL

The collaboration with DMP was initiated to birth the darkest and most sinister offerings of THE LOVECRAFT SEXTET. First fruit, "Miserere", is an elaborate, shadowy and truly singular album which fuses Black Metal, Jazz, Ambient, Drone and Modern Composition in an abyssal liaison. Conceptually inspired by the 17th century composer Gregorio Allegri and his take on the biblical Psalm 51, this long-player is a multi-dimensional work of Art.

Listener Lucio Leonardi (dark.vinyl) describes the album effectively:

""Miserere" is an almost mystical experience, beautiful, very dark, almost desperate in some situations, but which suggests how much its author has returned to his usual, and for too long lost, state of grace!"

Although unmistakably a genre-fluid and challenging work, THE LOVECRAFT SEXTET's DMP debut was highly praised by the press, with outlets including The Midlands Rocks, Impatto Sonoro, The Void Journal and The Sleeping Shaman mentioning the record in best of 2022 lists.

"No one does music like Jason Köhnen…Expertly crafted and suffocatingly atmospheric…the waves of synth and organ wash over you with currents of misery and madness, but one finds this symphony will take you on a journey. To the open-minded, it's a journey worth taking" (Angry Metal Guy)

Sole composer Jason reflects upon "Miserere" and its release:

"Three months down the line I am still extremely pleased about all the aspects of this release; the music, artwork, packaging and availability/press and distribution. It's good when an album has a good start to finish, so to speak. Usually once a release goes public I kind of let go of it, like parents seeing their children venture into the world. I picked up on some reactions and it seems that my creative mission was accomplished, the claustrophobic grimness was well executed. For the rest, I am not too worried or bothered about reactions, its not going to change anything about my creative ideas."

"Miserere", including merch, can be purchased via our EUUS (no merchandising) and Bandcamp shops. Listen to the album in full via Bandcamp or via our YouTube Channel:

Never one to keep still, THE LOVECRAFT SEXTET unveiled a special release on December 25th: new song 'Seekers Who Are Lovers' is a 30-minute-long tribute to the ethereal soundscapes of Scottish post-punk pioneers COCTEAU TWINS. Find the track here!

Furthermore, plans for 2023/24 are currently being made. Jason narrates:

"It is going to be a busy year. First there is the "BLACK†WHITE" limited 7" which will be more blastbeat Jazz orientated, inspired by '90s outfit PAINKILLER (Mick Harris/John Zorn/Bill Laswell) and Jazz legends Albert Ayler and Pharoah Sanders. It will be released via DMP. The fourth THE LOVECRAFT SEXTET album, "The Horror Cosmic", will then appear on Denovali Records in the spring of 2023. It will be a soundtrack to the (illustrated) short cosmic horror story of the same name. Also, this will be a multi-disciplinary release (audio release/hardcover illustrated story book and narrated audiobook). Additionally, I plan to start working on the fifth and sixth albums this year as well. Album 5 will be the second release for DMP, and one might say it will be the "Miserere" version of THE LOVECRAFT SEXTET's "Nights of Lust". Album 6 will be a first adventure into the ‘50s Exotica genre. It will be heavily inspired by artists like Martin Denny and Les Baxter. A release is planned for 2024."

More info about the forthcoming "BLACK†WHITE" 7'' will be unveiled on January 12th. Pre-orders will begin on February 3rd.

Posted on 01-11-2023 | Category: The Lovecraft Sextet