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SELBST - First Song & Video

SELBST - First Song & Video

In collaboration with Decibel magazine, South American Black Metal band SELBST unveil an entrancing first offering from their upcoming third album "Despondency Chord Progressions". 'Chant Of Self Confrontation' beautifully contrasts icy riffs, thundering percussion and piercing vocals with moments of melodic respite which feature haunting clean vocals and captivating lead guitars.

Check the song and video here:

Artist Fabio Rincones took care of the video production, also lending his talents to the album cover design. The visuals were captured in the scenic locales of Mérida (Venezuela) and Santiago (Chile).

Composer N delves into the narrative behind the song and video:

"Musically, it was one of the songs that flowed the fastest during the composition process and was the first one I worked on for this record, which somehow set the course for the rest of the songs. Compositionally, both guitars (lead and rhythm) don't seem to go together or in unison throughout the whole song, but rather one passes through the other, presenting some slightly complex figures that could work perfectly on their own, but in this case, they are intertwined. Lyrically, the song is based on the internal struggles that an individual must endure, on how guilt, fear, or feeling tormented by a past event can pursue you. That's why I instructed Fabio to develop this struggle and personify it in a figurative way if you will. He and his team achieved much more than that with the scenes of the girls, who also did an excellent job!

I also had the immense pleasure of meeting Alex from AVERSIO HUMANITATIS in person, here in Santiago, who was the first vocalist for SELBST years back. He is a friend, and an audiovisual director so he helped me with some shots of myself. He was here for a few days and took the time to chat and do the recordings. It was a really nice gesture from him, I really appreciate it.

I wanted to give this video a special touch compared to the one released a couple of years ago for the previous album. So, it was a very special and interesting experience to be in front of a camera for this purpose..."

Uncover full album details here.

SELBST's third album, "Despondency Chord Progressions," is set for release across multiple formats – CD, vinyl, tape, and digital – on April 19th. A new t-shirt design will accompany the launch. Pre-orders are available through our EUUS (no merch), and Bandcamp stores.

Posted on 02-21-2024 | Category: Selbst