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  • AKHLYS unveil "Ephialtes"

    10-15-2020 | Category: Akhlys

    "AKHLYS have mastered the art of creating epic and broad facing compositions that beat you over the head with crushing volume and devastating atmospheres."

  • AKHLYS - New album details revealed

    09-24-2020 | Category: Akhlys

    "US Black Metal visionaries Akhlys bring you the glorious stuff of nightmares" (Metal Hammer)

  • AKHLYS - "The Dreaming I" streaming

    04-16-2015 | Category: Akhlys

    We are proud to give you the opportunity to discover THE Black Metal release of the year !!! Indeed, the monumental first AKHLYS album, the new creation of Naas Alcameth (NIGHTBRINGER, BESTIA...

  • AKHLYS interview

    03-29-2015 | Category: Akhlys

    First of all, can you introduce AKHLYS to the audience. While you were already the creator of the well known projects NIGHTBRINGER and BESTIA ARCANA how can you explain the need to create and...

  • AKHLYS unveil new album details (feat. NIGHTBRINGER member)

    03-18-2015 | Category: Akhlys

    AKHLYS, the new band of Naas Alcameth's (you know, the genius behind NIGHTBRINGER), is about to release its first album entitled "The Dreaming I".Yes, we know, you are busy listening to the new...


    10-27-2014 | Category: Akhlys

    Once more, we sunk deep in the darkest pits of the underground to draw forth the American Occult Black Metal entity AKHLYS.AKHLYS was created by Naas Alcameth (NIGHTBRINGER, BESTIA ARCANA) in...