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"Serpent of Heaven. Who shall become as thee, and be counted amongst the stars?" ('Caudua Draconis - Azra Lumial')

2023 not only witnessed the emergence of captivating new works of Art, but also the reissue of an important and singular debut from within the US Black Metal scene. In the ninth installment of our retrospective series, we delve into the ferocious, otherworldly Black Metal of NIGHTBRINGER's "Death And The Black Work". Additional features in the series include ANARKHON, BACCHUS, AARA, PESTIFER, ÓREIĐA, BLUT AUS NORD, I.C.E., and PERILAXE OCCLUSION.

"I ride the currents of Erebus upon ebon wings into aphotic gulfs unending.
As a star new born I have become,
a beacon in the abyss
" ('Feast Of The Manes')

One of the most renowned Black Metal bands in the United States - particularly noted for having expanded the path laid out by Norwegian legends EMPEROR - NIGHTBRINGER have issued five full-lengths, numerous split releases, and demos during their 20-year plus career. Active since 1999, the band led by Naas Alcameth (AKHLYS) originally unveiled their debut "Death And The Black Work" in 2008. Also including four earlier compositions from the 2005 split with TEMPLE OF NOT, this mesmerizing debut was reissued as a tri-fold 3x12'' LP pressed on black/bone galaxy effect heavy vinyl by us in July 2023.

These early spells of destruction showcase the band at their most dense, atmospheric and ritualistic. They navigate a Left Hand Path through mountainous forests, creating a whirlwind of skewed, rapid tremolo work, foreboding synth arrangements, hypnotic drumming and relentless vocals.

Listen here:

While NIGHTBRINGER’s music has evolved over time, the essence and core of the band remained consistent from the outset. In an interview with This Is Black Metal, Naas Alcameth reflected on this:

"The 'mysteries of death' and spirituality we speak of are not mutually exclusive but one and the same. The esoteric concepts that inspire NIGHTBRINGER have much to do with death and all of the powerful symbols around this. NIGHTBRINGER has been rooted in the esoteric from the very beginning and you will find many references to hermetic/alchemic tradition and other such currents that have been pillars within the band. If you look at our debut EP from 2005 you can see tracks such as 'Mors Philosophorum', which are completely esoterically inspired."

Currently, Naas Alcameth is dedicated to creating Art with AKHLYS, while NIGHTBRINGER lurks in the shadows, awaiting its next emergence.

However, Naas has disclosed his top 10 albums of 2023:

  1. ANGRENOST "Magna Lua Ordem Mistica"
  2. SOL AN VARMA "Sol an Varma"
  3. ABIGOR "Taphonomia Aeterniratis"
  4. MISTHYRMING "Med Hamri..."
  5. TINEIDAE "Dreams Of The Void"
  6. PAVOR NOCTURNUS "Ecatombe"
  7. LETUM "Dreams And Illusions"
  8. SINKE DUS "Modus Vivindi"
  9. STARS WITHOUT LIGHT "Beneath And Before"
  10. SLIDHR "White Hart!"

The tri-fold vinyl version of "Death And The Black Work" is available via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

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