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2023 Retro – BACCHUS

2023 Retro – BACCHUS

"For me, this is already a contender for a top spot in the annual tally of "Best Album Of 2023' in the progressive atmospheric Black Metal genre." (Metal Factory)

In keeping with our annual tradition of retrospection, we invite you to revisit BACCHUS' debut full-length album, "II", released by DMP on April 7th this year. For earlier installments in our retrospective series, explore ANARKHON.

"Throughout the world and throughout history, humans have participated in rituals using music as a vehicle to reach this altered state, this state of mind that allows us to see beyond reality. This is what we want to convey through our music. "Bacchus" being the guide.", stated drummer C. in an interview with Metal Hammer UK about the intention of the musical project.

Three years after their initial self-titled EP, the French experimental Black Metal trio unveiled six enigmatic and distinctively crafted tracks, merging sinister elegance with ritualistic fervor. The compositions blend atmospheric and psychedelic elements with a raw, intense production to create sonic landscapes of trance-inducing profundity. BACCHUS offers a challenging, unparalleled Dionysian journey, unlike anything else in the genre.

Experience the complete album here or through our YouTube channel:

In addition to standard formats, "II" was made available as a limited wooden boxset. This special edition includes the exclusive DMP vinyl edition, a t-shirt, pin, poster, and a bottle of organic red wine, specifically created for this release in collaboration with winegrower Château Beausejour.

Check the unboxing video here:

Multi-instrumentalist Sébastien B. shares his plans for BACCHUS in the coming year:

"We are currently thinking about a next release and follow-up album to "II". However, I'd like to devote myself to other projects before returning to BACCHUS together with all musicians of the band. Nevertheless, 2024 should be a rewarding year in terms of composing new Art!"

Sébastien also reveals his top 10 albums of 2023:

01. ODZ MANOUK "Bosoragazan"
02. MANIIInnerst I Mørket"
03. KIIRA "lättömän Sanat"
04. BLUT AUS NORD "Disharmonium - Nahab"
05. VOIDESCENT "Dust And Embers"
06. MARTHYRIUM "Through The Spheres Of Darkness"
08. COLLIER D'OMBRE "Collier d’Ombre"
09. DIONE "Cosmosphere"
10. HWWAUOCH "Under The Gaze Of Dissolution"

"II", and band merchandising can be ordered via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

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