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TAUBRĄ unveil second song

TAUBRĄ unveil second song

One month before the official release of powerful debut album "Therizo", newly summoned Black Metal beast TAUBRĄ present the title track as a second taster. 'Therizo' demonstrates an extraordinary combination of melody and aggression, creating a truly sinister aura. Listen below and via YouTube:

A sonic inferno of blasts, sharpened riffs and harsh screams open the track, vividly highlighting the band's roots in True Norwegian Black Metal. After this forceful beginning, composer B's (AARA) trademark sound breaks through the noise, introducing melodic guitar arrangements, unexpected changes of flow and moments of calm.

B. comments on composing 'Therizo':

"'Therizo' was one of the last songs created for the album. We wanted to have a fast track with lots of energy. This was the primordial idea when composing this song. For TAUBRĄ, it is of great importance to find a good balance between brutal, sinister passages and melodic atmospheres which grant the music a unique style. That is why we continuously vary the tempo in this song. The changes in speed give the composition depth."

Vocalist R. narrates:

"The lyrics for the title song can be interpreted in several ways. We are playing with the term "Therizo" in the lyrics. Originally it means to reap/harvest/cut off/destroy, so literally it speaks of harvesting what you have sown. But we are using this term metaphorically to apply its meaning to religion and weak-minded mentalities. Locust swarms are not always literal and might mean swarms of idiocy. You may read my own bleak view of the world in these lyrics as well! And it is a perfect title track because not only is this a very strong musical piece, but also heavy and at times groovy, the perfect ending to our album."

Find all details about "Therizo" here.

"Therizo" will be released on CD, vinyl and digital on October 13th. Pre-orders are possible via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

Posted on 09-18-2023 | Category: Taubrą