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AKHLYS present 'Sister Silence, Brother Sleep'

AKHLYS present 'Sister Silence, Brother Sleep'

As a mesmeric introduction to their upcoming fourth album, "House of the Black Geminus," US Black Metal band AKHLYS unveil intricate new composition, 'Sister Silence, Brother Sleep'. Over nine minutes, composer Naas Alcameth fuses relentless, ferocious guitars, intense blast beats and sharply piercing vocals, creating a soundscape both relentless and eerily ominous. The addition of haunting dark ambient tones and melodious interludes add layers of complexity to elevate this powerfully sinister piece.

Listen to the track here and on our YouTube channel:

Alcameth describes the genesis of 'Sister Silence, Brother Sleep':

"'Sister Silence, Brother Sleep' holds a special place for me as the opening riff to the song was the first riff I wrote for the album. At the time of writing this riff, I had yet to begin working towards composing the album. I had come up with this riff that stuck with me and became the opening to the track. That opening resonated with me so profoundly that I saw it as the key that opened wide the gate to the rest of the composition. Everything after just flowed in a nearly frantic succession of inspiration. I wouldn't say that I changed my approach to writing, at least from a technical perspective, but that the muse that drives it all has adorned a new mask, shifting atmosphere, tone, and, ultimately, the imagined images invoked by the compositions."

Find all info about the album here!

AKHLYS' fourth long player, "House of the Black Geminus", is set for release across multiple formats – CD, vinyl, tape, and digital – on July 5th. Various merch designs will accompany the launch. Pre-orders are available through our EU, US, and Bandcamp stores.

Posted on 04-05-2024 | Category: Akhlys