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AKHLYS announce "House of the Black Geminus"

AKHLYS announce "House of the Black Geminus"

Following 2020's widely-worshipped "Melinoë", US Oneiric Black Metal band AKHLYS return triumphant with six elaborate and exhilarating new tracks of pure Black Metal terror. "House of the Black Geminus" evokes abyssal nightmares, taking the listener through labyrinthine halls, shadowed corridors, cellars of dread, and attics of epiphany, as ordeal and ecstasy meet at the vertices where each beholds his own daemon.


01. The Mask of Night-speaking
02. Maze of Phobetor
03. Through the Abyssal Door
04. Black Geminus
05. Sister Silence, Brother Sleep
06. Eye of the Daemon - Daemon I

The cover artwork was designed by Agostino Arrivabene, Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal contributed additional artwork to the booklet. Yurii Kazarian/Into the Abyss Design is responsible for the layout.

"House of the Black Geminus" was recorded at Promethean Forge Studios between March 2022 and January 2024. Dave Otero (COBALT, NIGHTBRINGER, CATTLE DECAPITATION) tracked the drums, mixed and mastered at Flatline Audio in January 2024. Additional engineering was performed by Mike Low.


Naas Alcameth – vocals, guitars, keys, lyrics and compositions
Nox Corvus – guitars
Eoghan – drums and bass

"House of the Black Geminus" will be released on July 5th. A first song and pre-order possibilities will be unveiled on Friday April 5th, 9 AM CET.

Providing exclusive insights into the artistic world of AKHLYS, the creative force behind the band, Naas Alcameth, engaged in a profound and comprehensive trilogy of interviews with Bardo Methodology zine. During the third segment, Naas offers an in-depth account of the genesis of upcoming album, "House of the Black Geminus" - read an excerpt here:

"House of the Black Geminus" is divided into three acts: The Hearth, The Cellar, and The Attic. To my understanding, this is a symbolic charting of the storyline. It begins at an entry point or initiation, progresses to a deeper exploration of the subconscious, and climaxes with an ascent into higher understanding.

ALCAMETH: Absolutely – but I wouldn’t limit the subject matter to strictly cognitive factors. See, whenever I hear the word ‘subconscious,’ I feel the need to clarify because I don’t want to confine these things to the realm of psychology. Of course, the scientific disciplines are relevant, but it’s also about tapping into the sacred and divine esoteric aspects.

Since the project’s inception, AKHLYS has been greatly influenced and informed by Alcameth’s experiences with sleep paralysis, spanning from his childhood to the present day. Upholding this thematic tradition, “House of the Black Geminus” narrates a journey framed within the context of dreams, told from the perspective of an unnamed protagonist.

ALCAMETH: For the different acts, I envisioned three hierarchical realms, classical in their delineation. There’s the middle abode – our everyday reality – followed by a descent into the underworld, culminating in some form of celestial or heavenly imperium. I also approached it from an alchemical perspective, mapping the journey to echo the phases of Nigredo, Albedo, Citrinitas, and Rubedo...

Discover more about the artistry and discography of AKHLYS in Parts I, II, and III of this series.

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