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BLUT AUS NORD release "Disharmonium – Nahab"

BLUT AUS NORD release "Disharmonium – Nahab"

Further advancing their inimitable sound, composer Vindsval has crafted "Disharmonium – Nahab" which contains eleven new manifestations of eerie Lovecraftian horror. Descending into abyssal terrain akin to the twin dark chambers of 2022's first instalment "Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses" and companion-piece-of-sorts compilation "Lovecraftian Echoes", this latest emanation is similarly womb-like, detail-rich, disturbed and transformative.

BLUT AUS NORD's latest work of Art is now officially released and can be listened to via Bandcamp and our YouTube channel:

Mysterious and monstrous, the obscure "Disharmonium – Nahab" has received extensive critical praise:

""Disharmonium – Nahab" is a dark yet gorgeous and enthralling, hallucinogenic journey. The experience proves dizzying, with its dense atmosphere and disturbing soundscape. Of course, the spirituality found within is important to Vindsval, which gives the record its sense of depth and richness. Indeed, "Disharmonium – Nahab" instantly wraps you in its cocoon-like embrace and imparts the sensation of falling straight into a void." (Metal Sucks)

"Arguably even less "song-based" than its predecessor, the nine tracks (plus three chapter-marking interludes) which make up "Nahab" each represent a singular piece of a greater puzzle – some deeper, and darker, and more demonically-angled than others – at the greater and more hideous whole which lies just behind the veil." (No Clean Singing)

"Demented, delirious and a pinnacle of the BLUT AUS NORD sound. […] It feels like this new trilogy will go down in history as a part of their discography that contains some of their best works. The first album was just a teasing treat in front of this behemoth, you're not ready." (Sputnik Music)

The album is officially released on CD, vinyl, tape and digital along with merchandising. Orders for all items are possible from our EUUS and Bandcamp stores.

Posted on 08-25-2023 | Category: Blut Aus Nord