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BLUT AUS NORD unveil second new track

BLUT AUS NORD unveil second new track

"She had spoken also of the black man, of her oath, and of her new secret name of Nahab." (H.P. Lovecraft)

BLUT AUS NORD present a mysterious second shadow-composition to herald the coming of their new work of Art, "Disharmonium - Nahab". Listen to 'Queen Of The Dead Dimension' here:

Buzzing guitars, eerie melodies and abyssal moans from other dimensions coalesce in Vindsval's (FORHIST, YERÛŠELEM) newest opus. Coherent and enthralling, the intense surrealistic atmosphere of 'Queen Of The Dead Dimension' is an aural tribute to Lovecraftian horror in all its dark glory and splendor!

Find all details about "Disharmonium – Nahab" here.

The album will be released on CD, vinyl, tape and digital along with merchandising on August 25th. Pre-orders for all items are possible from our EUUS and Bandcamp stores.

Posted on 07-17-2023 | Category: Blut Aus Nord