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ÓREIĐA reveal 'The River'

ÓREIĐA reveal 'The River'

Melding the grimness and sublimity of winter, ÓREIĐA present a second track from forthcoming album "The Eternal". 'The River' evokes Iceland's beautiful yet harsh landscapes utilizing hypnotic tremolo riffs, mesmeric drums and evocative keyboard sounds.

Listen here:

While rooted in the neo-romantic tradition of Black Metal's second wave, sole member Thor nevertheless refines ÓREIĐA's sound using unorthodox elements from post-punk and Industrial music:

"I would say outside of the Black Metal realm my biggest musical influence is probably the post-Industrial scene which was happening in the UK in the 80s. Bands like COIL, CURRENT 93, RAMLEH, CINDYTALK, NURSE WITH WOUND et cetera are a massive influence on the music I make with ÓREIĐA. Musically, of course, but also spiritually/philosophically. It's such a treasure trove of creativity and ideology that I think you cannot help but be influenced by it once you start to dive in. Another huge influence is the band THE CURE and in particular their albums "Pornography" and "Disintegration". The atmosphere and melodicism on those albums are hard to beat."

Conceptually connected to first unveiled song 'The Eternal' (listen here) and the spiritual ideas behind the album itself, 'The River' still evokes its very own atmosphere and vibe:

"There is certainly a moment of stopping, catching your breath and perhaps contemplating on the journey in this song. As mentioned in the context of 'The Eternal', the whole album is a metaphor for a spiritual journey and 'The River' represent an obstacle. Maybe yourself as an obstacle. It's the moment when you really have to think about why you are going on this journey, if you are truly willing to undertake it."

"The Eternal" will be released as CD, vinyl and digitally on May 12th. Pre-orders are possible via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

Posted on 04-13-2023 | Category: Óreiða