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AKHLYS release new album

AKHLYS release new album

"I dream of a burning cord,
That binds my heart to this maze,
Of discard & pain & discord,
Let me feel the Asterion's gaze
" ('Through the Abyssal Door')

Following up 2020's highly acclaimed "Melinoë," US Black Metal band AKHLYS present their latest work of abyssal Black Metal terror. "House of the Black Geminus" features six intricate compositions, further refining and evolving the inimitable nightmarish sound that mastermind Naas Alcameth (AORATOS, NIGHTBRINGER) is renowned for.

The album is now officially released and can be listened to directly on Bandcamp or our YouTube channel:

"House of the Black Geminus" is another masterpiece of subterranean craft which has received high praise from the metal press and fans alike:

"The monumental dynamic sound gives this Black Metal vision almost apocalyptic dimensions. Highly recommended!" (Scream Norway)

"This album combines uncompromisingly hard riffs with mesmerizing melodies, incredibly intense blast beats with an icy industrial feel, and hysterically hypnotic vocals with true Ambient passages - awesome, truly awesome!" (Legacy Mag)

"If you revel in dissonance, extremity and bombardments of true evil; then this record is definitely for you!" (Nattskog)

"This album represents a bold and innovative effort from a band that is clearly comfortable with making us uncomfortable." (Metal Epidemic)

"House of the Black Geminus" is available on CD, vinyl, tape and digital via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops. Various merch designs accompany the album.

AKHLYS will embark on the "House of the Black Geminus" European tour from July 26th. This coming October, AKHLYS will also deliver a specially-extended set at our inaugural Servants of Chaos festival in Oberhausen, Germany. Do not miss this intense spectacle of nightmarish Black Metal magick. Find all info and the final tour dates below:

26.07.2024 - Vienna, Austria – Escape
27.07.2024 - Budapest, Hungary – Supersonic - Blue Hell & KVLT
28.07.2024 - Košice, Slovakia – Collosseum Club Košice
29.07.2024 - Katowice, Poland – Piaty Dom
30.07.2024 - Poznań, Poland – Klub pod Minogą
01.08.2024 - Bergen, Norway – Beyond The Gates
02.08.2024 - TBC
03.08.2024 - Stockholm, Sweden – Hus 7 (Slaktkyrkan)
04.08.2024 - Göteborg, Sweden – The Abyss
06.08.2024 - Kassel, Germany – Goldgrube
07.08.2024 - Aarburg, Switzerland – Musigburg
08.08.2024 - Mörlenbach, Germany – LIVE MUSIC HALL Weiher
09.08.2024 - Josefov, Czech Republic – Brutal Assault
10.08.2024 - Schlotheim, Germany – Party.San Metal Open Air
18.-19.10.2024 - Oberhausen, Germany - Servants of Chaos Festival

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