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INSECT ARK release "Raw Blood Singing"

INSECT ARK release "Raw Blood Singing"

Centered around Dana Schechter (SWANS), since forming in 2011 INSECT ARK has crafted a captivating catalogue of experimental Art. In collaboration for the first time with Tim Wyskida (KHANATE) and now incorporating Schechter's ethereal vocals into their music, the band proudly presents fourth full-length, "Raw Blood Singing". Showing clear evolution, INSECT ARK creates a lush, bleak, and expansive soundscape - transitioning from gentle whispers of synth to a monstrous wall of sound, driven by Schechter's fiery lap steel playing, sinister bass work, and the immense, scorching power of Wyskida's drums.

Stream the album in its entirety below or on our YouTube channel:

The album's title, "Raw Blood Singing", though cryptic to the casual listener, conveys an important and clear message, as Dana Schechter explains:

"It is a primal reminder and a siren call to remain present for this life, to engage while we are here. A feeling of urgency to live fully consumes me and has, for many years. I want to wake up each day and realize this might be my last, to keep us vibrant and grateful in the face of complacency, patterns, and being too comfortable which is a kind of slow death to me. The album title is a lyric from the song 'Youth Body Swayed': "I want the raw blood singing in my veins, I want the vital fire in my veins". And yes, the title also does work also as a reference, since singing is such a profoundly personal experience, for me, as a kind of evolution."

Press and fans alike have praised the duo's new album:

"Their previous records were good, but this is a big step up, harking back to the glory days of weirdo Hydra Head ambient skronk metal whilst also hinting at a host of potential sonic vistas the pair could venture to in the future." (The Quietus)

"If you enjoy doomy sounds outside of metal, sludge without overt heaviness, or psychedelic music without clichés, or if you generally consider yourself an adventurous listener, you definitely shouldn't miss "Raw Blood Singing."" (

"INSECT ARK returns with an otherworldly and compelling sci-fi landscape of noir, subtle menace and mystery." (Ghost Cult)

"This is a rebirth for a band that already was operating on a high level, and where they go from here is anyone's guess as their metamorphosis seems to be just beginning." (Meat Mead Metal)

INSECT ARK's new album, "Raw Blood Singing", is released on CD, vinyl and digital. A new t-shirt design accompanies the launch. Orders are possible through our EUUS (no merch), and Bandcamp stores.

Posted on 06-07-2024 | Category: Insect Ark