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MODERN RITES - new album title track

MODERN RITES - new album title track

Building on the foundations they established with MODERN RITES' debut "Monuments", the artistic duo of Jonny Warren (KUYASHII) and Berg (AARA) now presents 'Endless', the title track from their forthcoming second album.

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The song begins with a powerful surge, with melodic and eerie elements enhancing the formidable soundscape. Impulsive drumming, heavy basslines and harsh distorted vocals create a twisted sense of dark, oppressive urgency, as the band flawlessly blend Black Metal atmosphere with Industrial heaviness.

Jonny Warren shares insights into the creation of 'Endless':

"While exploring ideas for the album, we knew we wanted richer harmonies and more synth presence, so a lot of ideas started on keyboard first. The title track started with a piano version where I explored the initial chords and melodies. I then created bass, synth, and programmed drum parts based on the piano progression. The part that's now in the pre-chorus and bridge was actually the intro at first, but we decided to chop up the original structure to create a more "grand" feeling overall.

Compared to the first album, there was a lot more virtual back and forth between Berg and I as we had a lot more layers to work with. We would often wake up to new contributions that each of us made to a song and then chat throughout our overlapping waking hours on ways to improve it. Additionally, I played bass in C-standard this time to match Berg's guitars, where previously I was in E-standard. I think this gave some of the riffs a bigger impact compared to last time.

Finally, we owe a lot of thanks to Simón at Empty Hall Studio for creating cohesiveness with the mix and bringing our vision to life with the overall atmosphere."

Find all album details here!

"Endless" will be released on CD, vinyl and digital on August 30th. Pre-orders are possible via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

Posted on 06-04-2024 | Category: Modern Rites