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INSECT ARK premiere 'The Frozen Lake'

INSECT ARK premiere 'The Frozen Lake'

"Accentuated drumming by Tim Wyskida, along with atmospheric electronic playfulness by Madame Schechter, complete a truly visionary work of the highest order." (Christian Wachter, Legacy)

The Berlin-based duo INSECT ARK - Dana Schechter of SWANS and Tim Wyskida of KHANATE - unveil a second track from their highly anticipated new album, "Raw Blood Singing". 'The Frozen Lake' epitomizes the band’s distinctive fusion of post-Metal, Doom, and shadowed experimental music as it evokes a deeply haunting atmosphere. Defined by its instrumental depth, the track skillfully balances monumental heaviness, the ethereal quality of Schechter’s vocals and the psychedelic properties of atypical harmonies.

Listen to it here and on our YouTube channel:

"'The Frozen Lake' is a sort of sick romantic fairy tale," Schechter explains. "It takes place during winter, hidden far in the forest. The song is in essence a murder ballad: the heartsick protagonist, spurned by her lover, spins a sordid tale of his sacrifice by her hand. It doesn’t end well for him, but from this release, they are both set free."

Wyskida shares how the seven-and-a-half-minute track came to be: "When Dana and I started working on songs for the new album, she played me recordings of various ideas. These days, I rarely hear a riff that gets my juices flowing. Dana had a great lap steel guitar riff. I had a separate idea, using fast cymbal bell patterns with bass drum hits, which sound like distant seismic events. I’ve always liked pieces of music which shift suddenly and drastically between inconspicuously related environments. In 'The Frozen Lake', divergent environments collide."

Discover all details about the forthcoming album here. Also, listen to initially released track, 'Youth Body Swayed', on all streaming platforms and directly below:

"Raw Blood Singing" will be released on CD, vinyl and digital on June 7th. Specially designed t-shirts will accompany the launch. Pre-orders are possible via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

INSECT ARK will play a release show for their new album in Berlin, Neue Zukunft (Germany) on June 7th. Get tickets here!

Posted on 04-23-2024 | Category: Insect Ark