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WHITE WARD unveil guitar playthrough

WHITE WARD unveil guitar playthrough

WHITE WARD's main composer, Yurii Kazarian, offers a guitar playthrough of 'Cronus', a standout track from the band's most recent album "False Light". In 'Cronus', the Ukrainian Black Metal innovators skillfully blur the lines between genres, harmoniously merging Black Metal, Jazz and post-punk to craft an enthralling musical journey.

Check Yurii's guitar performance of 'Cronus' here:

Equipment used in this recording:

  • Guitar: B.C.Rich '86 NJ Series Ironbird loaded with Beta Blocker Volume Pickup → Fractal FM3 → UAD Apollo Twin
  • Pickups: Beta Blocker Pickups
  • Strings: The String Source 13.5 - 64 Custom Set
  • Tuning: B Standard

Listen to the whole album, "False Light", via Bandcamp below or on our YouTube channel:

"False Light" is available in various formats from our EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

Posted on 03-15-2024 | Category: White Ward