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ULCERATE unveil album details

ULCERATE unveil album details

On 2020's acclaimed "Stare Into Death And Be Still", New Zealand unorthodox Death Metal band ULCERATE moved towards a more melodious take on their crushingly unique brand of devastation. Continuing this evolution, upcoming seventh album, "Cutting the Throat of God," is a masterful seven-track journey through innovative and affecting Death/Black Metal. A strikingly all-encompassing work, the band combine experimental audacity and visceral power into a profound emotional experience.


01. To Flow Through Ashen Hearts
02. The Dawn is Hollow
03. Further Opening the Wounds
04. Transfiguration In and Out of Worlds
05. To See Death Just Once
06. Undying as an Apparition
07. Cutting the Throat of God

The album was recorded between September and December 2023. Drummer Jamie Saint Merat took care of recording, mixing and all visuals. Magnus Lindberg, known for his work with CULT OF LUNA, RUSSIAN CIRCLES and TRIBULATION, handled the mastering.

"Cutting the Throat of God" explores a cohesive lyrical theme centered around the rupture of morality, the delicate boundary between depravity and extremity, and the irreversible descent into darkness.

A first track, 'The Dawn is Hollow,' and pre-order details will be unveiled on March 14th. The album will be available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats, and is set for release on June 14th 2024.

Posted on 03-07-2024 | Category: Ulcerate