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PESTILENGTH release "Solar Clorex"

PESTILENGTH release "Solar Clorex"

Emerging from the fertile Spanish extreme music scene, corrosive Death Metal duo PESTILENGTH have been a distinctive presence since they formed in 2018. The band's third opus, "Solar Clorex," is a subterranean listening experience of deep, dark and devastating grandeur. The album is now officially available and can be streamed across all digital platforms. Discover it below or through our YouTube channel:

Mastermind M. describes "Solar Clorex" and its artistic concept:

"We are guided by certain rituals or perspectives on how to craft such an album. "Basom Gryphos" was monstruous yet tamed at times. "Solar Clorex" shows different behaviors but they entangle vividly. We are not an easy listening band. We, ourselves, are also listeners and we focus on albums we like concerning their expressions and utterance. I personally always look at the global frame of the album, it's totality. In this way, an album makes sense. You could isolate songs but that does not work with my comprehension of Art, craft, and effort."

The metal press has awarded "Solar Clorex" with praise:

""Solar Clorex" takes chances [...]. Any time a band writes an album that makes you think it is haunted by chaos then you know they are onto something great." (Ghost Cult Mag)

""Solar Clorex" is an oppressive monster of grim ugliness. Its atmospheric brutality is matched only by its murderous delivery, scouring the listener with caustic daemonic sounds and feelings." (Wonderboxmetal)

"[...] yield to the mind-flaying "corrosive Death Metal" swinging lower than a boss-eyed pugilist." (Invisible Oranges)

"It's energetic, thunderously heavy, and maddeningly caustic, with more brutal and human elements adding to the fray." (Angry Metal Guy)

"Solar Clorex" is released on CD, vinyl and digital. Orders are possible via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

Posted on 02-16-2024 | Category: Pestilength