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An extraordinary musical ensemble named WAIDELOTTE has been conceived on Ukrainian soil by, among others, members from SOEN, WHITE WARD and SOLAR KOLLAPSE. Taking on the name of an ancient heathen priestly caste, this new musical formation describes itself as not only a searcher for wisdom and knowledge, but as a sharer of insight via song and Art.

We proudly announce that WAIDELOTTE has joined the DMP roster and is engaged in the finalization of their inaugural full-length. The forthcoming album will blend elements of Black Metal, melodic Death Metal and Progressive Metal with the richness of traditional Folk singing and instrumentation.

Composer and bass player Zlat expands:

"During my work with many bands, I have always had ideas which I wanted to play out in a different project. With inspiration stemming from diverse musical genres, the will to work in collaboration with many talented musicians and the desire to mix styles and sounds started this path. WAIDELOTTE tells the story of reaching light by walking through darkness. You will need to pass inner hell with all its darkest corners. There is nothing more intense and destructive than the struggle that takes place in one's mind and pushes one to self-demise, the soul-eater that breeds despair. WAIDELOTTE talks about this but from the perspective of combining darkness and light in us, when the narrator travels deep within his or her inner darkness to reach its bottom, and push through that inner hell to find light."

Vocalist Andrii adds this concerning the band's forthcoming debut:

"I think that it is our common urge to create and exceed our boundaries. Since we do not often release new music with WHITE WARD and the band impacts limitations on what I can do there as a vocalist, I was very excited to take part in WAIDELOTTE. The album is one of the most well-thought-out conceptual works that I have ever seen. It is not just music that accompanies the written manifest. It’s a huge work where each song belongs to its place and tells the story sonically, enhancing the lyrics. Songs are not just progressions of riffages that have no relation to the words."

Check out a short teaser of WAIDELOTTE’s music here! More info about the band and album will be announced in due time. Follow their Facebook and Instagram page.


Mykhailo Bogaichuk - guitars
Andrii Pechatkin - vocals
Zlatoyar - bass guitar

Posted on 12-13-2023 | Category: Waidelotte