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ERSHETU - guitar playthrough

ERSHETU - guitar playthrough

On October 27th, newly formed atmospheric Black Metal ensemble ERSHETU unveiled their moving inaugural album, "Xibalba". Their debut evokes vibrant images of life and death in ancient Mayan civilization, delving into profound emotional realms via dramatic and cinematic soundscapes.

Today, ERSHETU offer up a guitar playthrough to highlight the album's final song, 'Tunkuluchú', named after a mystical bird from Mayan legend. Check the band's main composer Sacr performing the song here:

The press continues to praise "Xibalba":

"… a wild ride somewhere between progressive Black Metal, tribal chants and percussion, and classic South American sounds, such as the pan flute." (

"… a dense and original sound, which perfectly matches the expressed concept, so much so that it becomes a perfect soundtrack." (Metalitalia)

"For those looking to be transported into the fascinating stories of one of the world's most intriguing civilizations via a musical composition unlike any other, ERSHETU is the band for you, with "Xibalba" being a most necessary experience." (Dead Rhetoric)

The album is available via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops. Stream "Xibalba" via our YouTube channel or directly here:

Posted on 12-12-2023 | Category: Ershetu