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I.C.E. – debut reissue (CD/Tape)

I.C.E. – debut reissue (CD/Tape)

Nearly 20 years after their first intergalactic artic storm hit our dimension, IMPERIAL CRYSTALLINE ENTOMBMENT's infamous debut "Apocalyptic End In White" is made available again on CD and, for the first time ever, on cassette.

Check the album here and via our YouTube channel:

I.C.E. state:

"Revived and renewed! Behold the first wave of freezing death is available once more! The original onslaught of arctic rage is being resurrected and thrown into the current winds of apocalyptic chaos. The hypothermic storm of old – "The Apocalyptic End in White" - is back to provoke madness amongst the masses. Succumb to the frozen power of the Ancient Lords of White Death!"

"Apocalyptic End in White" is a violent tempest of intense riffing and brutally compulsive songcraft, and a fierce rebuttal to the theory that Black Metal went fallow in the early 2000s. Possessed by the fanatical mysticism of full-bodied Norwegian Black Metal and the power of contemporaneous battering-ram Death Metal, the band plays here as one freezing, breathing organism to produce a cult classic which still feels fresh as the driven snow.

The metal press has also praised the album highly:

"IMPERIAL CRYSTALLINE ENTOMBMENT have hoisted their flag on the tip of iceberg once conquered by world's most preeminent Black Metal bands like IMMORTAL, DARKTHRONE and EMPEROR. Indeed, dark lords of evil have arrived." (Metalindia)

"...the music is some topnotch freeze…stunning and always dynamic with plenty of bite, sting and zeal." (Sea Of Tranquillity)

""Apocalyptic End In White" is the music I recommend you have in your portable CD player (or iPod) when you are stuck with the long walk in cold and dreary weather. Wind chill penetrates every bone of your body, small icicles hit your face as thousand needles." (MetalReviews)

"Apocalyptic End In White" is available on CD/tape on December 1st via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops and will ship immediately.

I.C.E. have recently been confirmed as part of the 2024 Hellfest lineup in Clisson, France, scheduled for June 27-30. Plans are underway for a European tour centered around this performance. More info will follow in due time!

Posted on 11-28-2023 | Category: I.C.E.