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DMP 20-Year Raffle Winners

DMP 20-Year Raffle Winners

We extend our gratitude to all participants in our second and final 20th-anniversary raffle. The draw has concluded, and we are delighted to reveal the list of winners. Most of the prizes were already dispatched, and recipients were notified via email.

Please keep an eye out for additional anniversary-related surprises in the coming weeks!

List of winners:

  • Arno S.: 1x AKHLYS - "Melinoë" 12" LP Test Press
  • Antoine G., Atli B.K., Joseph G., Nicolas H.: 4x BACCHUS - "II" Wooden Boxset
  • Michael L., Rudy C., Gregory B., Max S., Kenny F.: 5x BACCHUS - "Organic red wine" Bottle
  • Simen B.S., Hugo M., Marcus N., Paul K., Guillaume M.: 5x BLUT AUS NORD - "Lovecraftian Echoes" Gatefold 12" LP+CD
  • Eskil B.: 1x BLUT AUS NORD - "777 - Cosmosophy" Gatefold 12" LP Party Monster variant
  • Holger G.: 1x BLUT AUS NORD / AEVANGELIST - "Codex Obscura Nomina" 12" LP Test Press
  • Joël T.: 1x BLUT AUS NORD - "777 - Sect(s)" 12" LP Test Press
  • Janette S.: 1x BLUT AUS NORD - "777 - The Desanctification" 12" LP Test Press
  • Sara S.: 1x BLUT AUS NORD - "777 - Cosmosophy" 12" LP Test Press
  • Robin M.: 1x BLUT AUS NORD - "Deus Salutis Meae" 12" LP Test Press
  • Michael W.: 1x BLUT AUS NORD - "Memoria Vetusta II - Dialogue With The Stars" 2x12" LP Test Press
  • Scott M.: 1x BLUT AUS NORD - "Memoria Vetusta III - Saturnian Poetry" 12" LP Test Press
  • Miroslav K.: 1x BLUT AUS NORD - "Hallucinogen" 2x12" LP Test Press
  • Qianli H.: 1x BLUT AUS NORD - "Disharmonium - Nahab" 2x12" LP Test Press
  • Patrick D., George S., Roberto M., André F., Manuel M.: 5x EITRIN EDITIONS - "Organic red wine" Bottle
  • Andrea R.F.: 1x TERRA TENEBROSA - "The Reverses" 2x12" LP Test Press

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