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ERSHETU release "Xibalba"

ERSHETU release "Xibalba"

"Truly this is Xibalba, the place of fear, the place of cold, the place of apparitions and spirits." (Popol Vuh)

Newly formed entity ERSHETU brings together the talents of lyricist/conceptualist Void (DMP) and composer Sacr to evoke a unique combination of sinister Black Metal elements and cinematic soundscapes. The band's debut "Xibalba" – created in collaboration with vocalist Lars Are Nedland (BORKNAGAR, SOLEFALD) and V. (BLUT AUS NORD) – is officially released and can be streamed on all digital platforms. Listen here:

Lyricist Void comments:

"To describe our music to someone who never heard it I would say it is a mix of Black Metal and movie scores. We make it first and foremost to satisfy ourselves and hope it will find its audience. It’s complex music with 'a lot happening' and needs full concentration to enjoy all the small details. Probably not something for the 'fast food' generation. Each of our albums will explore conceptions of Death within a particular civilization or religion. On our debut album, "Xibalba" - which focuses upon Mayan folklore – we used an interpretation of ideas (for example from sacred text the Popol Vuh) and myths, not as a historical or ethnological lesson, but to vividly transport listeners into a tumultuous ancient world where Life & Death were perpetually intertwined."

The metal press already awarded "Xibalba" with praise:

Legacy-Soundcheck: #7 of 39

"… a sound that’s both immense and ethereal, daunting and distressing." (No Clean Singing)

"… the idea of fusing Death and Metal in a way that had never been attempted before … six tracks that explore the Mayan underworld in a manner that must be heard to be fully appreciated." (Echoes & Dust)

"Xibalba" is released on CD, tape, vinyl and digital - alongside merchandising. Orders are possible via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops. Please note: The exclusive DMP CD version of the album is solely available from our EU and Bandcamp stores.

Posted on 10-27-2023 | Category: Ershetu