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PESTILENGTH join DMP & new song

PESTILENGTH join DMP & new song

"We, guided by rituals of death & unbeing, succumb."

Spreading the Gospel of Death since 2018, the Basque Country's PESTILENGTH are one of the most unique and best-kept secrets of the underground. Debemur Morti Productions have proudly joined up with PESTILENGTH to unleash the duo's forthcoming manifestations of 'corrosive Death Metal'.

Multi-instrumentalist/singer M. comments:

"PESTILENGTH's Art is a living dead cacophonic & hallucinatory journey. Textures and frequencies pay an important role in giving form to the dialect of tormented beings. Exsanguinate yourself, let the molten tephra irradiate your vessels, choke in utter pleasure staring at brutalist empires, admire Basom and its breed, to now foresee the debris of what's to come. Previous manifestations such as "Eilatik" and "Basom Gryphos" are just the dormant stages of the coming cataclysm. Await!"

As a demonstration of their disruptive and destructive Art, PESTILENGTH now unveil a stand-alone new track. 'Suhbem Legm' slithers serpentine in an avant-horror mindfuck of untethered percussion, garroted vocals and smears of abraded melody. A twisted mini-epic of through-composed, frighteningly unique corrosive Death Metal:

M. narrates:

"'Suhbem Legm' is a deformed last creature on cold soil. It explodes, rages fire, slits limbs, dematerializes everything until nothing is left. A suspicious silence is there for you to know there is no such an atom of hope. Life is just a stage. Therefore, our upcoming full-length will corrode your face, eye sockets, hands, hair, and everything else. The anti-matter is here!"

Follow PESTILENGTH on FacebookInstagram and Bandcamp. Further information about the band's upcoming third album will be unveiled in due time.


M. – guitars, bass, vocals
N. - drums

Posted on 10-10-2023 | Category: Pestilength