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INFERNO – video unveiled

INFERNO – video unveiled

In 2021, INFERNO gave birth to latest offering "PARADEIGMA (Phosphenes Of Aphotic Eternity)", immersing themselves in the deep secrets of the cosmos. In collaboration with visual artist Matron Thorn (AEVANGELIST, BENIGHTED IN SODOM), the Czech Black Metal band have now created an experimental video for album closer 'Stars Within And Stars Without (Projected Into The Matrix Of Time)'.

See here:

This psychedelic trip into the secrets of time and space is introduced by an uncanny sigil, a snake ouroboros intertwined with triangle and burning angel. Matron Thorn explains:

"This is the insignia of the Esoteric Tradition, my artistic studio. One may see three symbolic elements forming a singular crest: the angel of Revelation to herald the forewarning of the end times, represented by the coalescence of trinities, and emerging from the cyclical nature of the never ending Caduceus embodied by the ouroboros portal."

The creation of these esoteric moving pictures was done in close collaboration with INFERNO and band mastermind Adramelech:

"Adramelech and I kept in regular contact from the earliest conception of the idea to create a video for 'Stars Within and Stars Without (Projected Into the Matrix of Time)'. This means that a lot of initial impressions could be gathered by simply giving the song repeated listens. As for the non-esoteric nature of the video, it is to say: it was conceived and executed during the spring by crew and actors who are members of the Esoteric Tradition. There were quite some considerations taken as to match the sort of distant, cosmic Studio Emissary production with a congruent visual quality. Some moments of sharper imagery are contrasted by an almost retro filming sensibility. It was important to us that in the mind of the audience the implication of conflicting narratives and timelines start to exist.

The editing itself was undertaken by me alone during a venture into the wilderness of eastern Finland while leaving my urban home behind. This detail was and is significant to achieve the closest creative alignment with the dream-states evoked by the music. The symbolism used in the clip occurred to mind rather naturally and intuitively, regarding some specific visual cues kept intentionally vague and open to interpretation. But it's of course all too easy to employ all kinds of empty symbolism and then simply allow the viewer to 'figure it out'. Thus, I could at least mention that duality and time, both literally and figuratively, are represented in nearly every aspect of the video. These are concepts relating directly back to the central theme of INFERNO's "PARADEIGMA" album."


"We have followed Matron's artistic endeavors for many years and no matter their form, we were and are always intrigued by the uniqueness. But it was primarily the video for 'Skrying Mirror' that convinced us to work together on the videoclip. We were immediately fascinated when we saw how our approach to Art overlaps and how the 'differences' enrich the work. It is very rewarding to see people delving into depths of our work, like Matron did, and excavating something tangible out of it. Take for example the colour spectrum of the video. We did not really discuss the synesthetic side of INFERNO's art in much depth, but it is necessary to take note that in the initial phases of the creation of "PARADEIGMA", the visions and sounds were suffused with colours which are not visible in the album's booklet and which were also not typical for the Black Metal genre. Matron Thorn subconsciously picked this up and provided yet another unique glimpse into our work."

"PARADEIGMA (Phosphenes Of Aphotic Eternity)" is available in different formats via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

Posted on 09-11-2023 | Category: Inferno