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WHITE WARD – Test Presses & T-Shirt

WHITE WARD – Test Presses & T-Shirt

"WHITE WARD triumph at wresting the spirit of persistence around us, concentrating it into a veritable demonstration of reality and, therefore, the very things we have to overcome as a species." (Everything Is Noise)

One and a half years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the situation remains severely dangerous for all people living in the country. Although WHITE WARD are again able to compose music and play select live shows, the band's focus is to support their fellow Ukrainians and the armed resistance.

In cooperation with WHITE WARD, we present two opportunities to support Ukraine and obtain exclusive band material:

  • A pre-order of the official "Ukrainian Resistance" (man/woman) t-shirt design
  • A raffle to win a vinyl test press of either "Futility Report" or "Love Exchange Failure" - you may buy as many tickets for the raffle as you want

Pre-orders for the t-shirt and an opportunity to participate in the raffle are both possible via our EU and Bandcamp shop until July 27th. Afterwards, raffle winners will be announced, and the ordered shirts will be printed.

100 % of proceeds from both t-shirt and raffle will be donated directly to WHITE WARD to enable them to help their friends, families and country who are in need. Shipping for the vinyl test presses (not the t-shirts) is free of charge worldwide.

Additionally, WHITE WARD recently started their own "Buy Me A Coffee" page (like the Patreon system) – single 'cups of coffee' or whole subscriptions are possible. These donations help the band to continue their Art in a time of adversity. On this platform WHITE WARD will share exclusive content, unreleased material, previews of forthcoming merchandise and more. It is also possible to communicate directly with the band. Exclusive previews of a new track will soon be unveiled.

Furthermore, WHITE WARD will also embark on a tour through Ukraine this coming September, also in support of Ukraine and the Armed Forces. The following dates are confirmed:

15.09 Khmelnitsky
16.09 Lviv
17.09 Ivano-Frankivsk
19.09 Ternopil (w/ PALINDROME)
20.09 Rivne
22.09 Chernihiv
23.09 Kyiv
24.09 Dnipro (w/ PALINDROME)

Posted on 07-07-2023 | Category: White Ward