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PESTIFER unveil new EP title track

PESTIFER unveil new EP title track

PESTIFER's forthcoming EP, "Defeat Of The Nemesis", is replete with technically challenging, crushing and captivating compositions. As a first teaser we partner with Decibel magazine to unveil the title track, in which the forward-thinking Belgian Death Metal band find a perfect balance between complexity and brutality.

Listen here:

Decibel writer Jonathan Rosenthal also notes about the track:

"Technical Death Metal band PESTIFER craft music which is as fun as it is dazzling. Yes, the riffs are some super serious business, but there is this ’70s sci-fi type of atmosphere surrounding it (no hyperreal aliens, here), which evokes a playfulness PESTIFER's peers simply miss in their quest to outdo each other."

PESTIFER frontman Jérôme discusses composing 'Defeat Of The Nemesis':

"Most of the songs we compose follow the same structure of development. This time, the song was born in the mind of Adrien Gustin (bass), home alone with a good beverage. He finds inspiration in classical music and that is certainly the reason why some parts of our music tend to be deeply dramatic. He composed a sequence of guitar riffs with some bass lines for us to start with that. Obviously, it inspired Valéry (guitar) who came up with new (homemade) riffs to fit the proposal of Adrien. Then it became a combination of rehearsal workshop and home refining.

In the end, the song is pretty simple with an intro and two distinct main themes: a melodic one and an aggressive one. They evolve alternately: the melodic one gets more and more elaborated and light while the aggressive one gets harder and mixes up with the dramatic chords taken from the introduction. Then comes the mesmerizing solo that transports your soul to space. The song ends inexorably with the cursed chords of the beginning."

Lyrically, the title track tells the story of one of four extraterrestrial human colonies formed on different planets after leaving a desolate earth, following the EP's overall sci-fi concept (learn more here). This newly founded civilization is defined and structured by leaders who are power hungry and devoid of empathy – an aggressive and, in the end, self-destructing society.

This belligerent state of mind is also indicated via the song's aural dimensions. Jérôme elaborates why he chose this track to represent the whole EP:

"We believe that song is well representative of what PESTIFER's music can offer: a certain density, voyages, unexpected moods, and aggressiveness. Plus, it may be the least convoluted track of the EP. It's a good way to get in touch with the new release and enter its universe. But, to be honest, it wasn't easy to select a song to unveil. We asked a few close people to choose one of the tracks and I think every song has been picked. I hope that means all songs are good!"

All in all, PESTIFER's new EP is a mind-bendingly ferocious sequence of songs as atmospheric and organic as they are intricate, and a perfect starting point for the uninitiated – five tracks of super-tight contemporary Death Metal:

01. Subterranean
02. Defeat Of The Nemesis
03. Astral Agony
04. Elysium
05. Draconian Daemon

The songs were recorded and mixed at Noise Factory Studio by Gérald Jans. The cover artwork was designed by David Caryn, Jérôme Bernard is responsible for the layout.

"Defeat Of The Nemesis" will be released as CD, vinyl (with digital print on B side) and digitally on April 21st. Pre-orders are possible via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

Posted on 03-13-2023 | Category: Pestifer