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AARA unveil 'Unstern'

AARA unveil 'Unstern'

AARA present a second song from "Nyx", the concluding installment of the Triade album trilogy which gives musical form to Gothic novel "Melmoth The Wanderer". 'Unstern' appears at the album's mid-point and mirrors a dramatic side plot in Charles Robert Maturin's lyrical 19th century work.

The composition sees the Swiss Black Metal band perfecting their trademark melodic sound in a maelstrom of blasting drums, euphonious guitars, foul whispers and screams – an enthralling and fearsomely atmospheric symbiosis of text and music.

Listen here:

Composer Berg elaborates:

"In the case of 'Unstern', as well as with all other songs on "Triade III: Nyx", the songwriting is somewhat simplified. There are fewer riff changes, parts are getting repeated more often, and fewer solo guitars are used. As a result, 'Unstern' particularly appears to be more grounded than AARA's otherwise occasionally overwhelming sound which also employs slower parts. At the same time, we stay true to the AARA style by using the same elements – including the use of choirs, which can effectively emphasize a specific mood. I am not sure why we did it that way this time, it just sorts of happened!"

The term 'Unstern' is an archaic German word originally used to denote bad luck hanging over a person or a whole household being severely cursed. Lyricist Fluss comments on the title:

"In the song 'Unstern' we tell a side story from Maturin's novel, actually. It speaks of a family that has become bitterly poor through a series of unfortunate events and has to fight day after day to avoid starving. Finally, the father of the family is invited by Melmoth, who seeks out the miserable, to gift him with all earthly goods he can think of, for the price of his soul. But despite all his woes and those of his family, the father is not ready for such an exchange and rejects Melmoth. The suffering is described very intensely in the novel, to the point of madness triggered by hunger, and exemplifies how Melmoth seeks out his victims to redeem his soul from damnation. But it also shows the strength of the people who, despite all the pain and suffering, hold on to their salvation and do not allow themselves to be seduced by the devilish temptations. Thus, after the expiry of the hundred and fifty years agreed upon with the devil, Melmoth has to face his fate and pays the price with his soul, which is told in the further course of the album."

"Triade III: Nyx" will be released on CD, vinyl and digital on March 31st. Pre-orders are possible via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

Posted on 02-27-2023 | Category: Aara