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AORATOS – Vinyl available

AORATOS – Vinyl available

"Not only does "Gods Without Name" satisfy the Black Metal lovers need for blasts, tremolo, and atmosphere, it tells a story. The track list is thoughtfully organized, with moments that surprise the listener and give us just what we want. […] It is a near-perfect album of contemporary Black Metal that I’m hard-pressed to find something wrong with." (The Metal Wanderlust)

In 2017, US artist Naas Alcameth (AKHLYS) gave birth to a new and crepuscular entity called AORATOS. The horrific and abyssal debut, "Gods Without Name" (2019), features nine hymns forming a maelstrom of mesmerizing and nightmarish tremolo riffs, relentless drumming, and ever-tortured howls.

This highly praised album is now available on half swamp green/half brown heavy vinyl with bone & black splatters.

Orders are possible via our EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

Listen to the full album stream below to immerse yourself in this nightmarish cosmos:

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