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MÜTTERLEIN – "Bring Down The Flags" repress

MÜTTERLEIN – "Bring Down The Flags" repress

"Ritual and cathartic, aspirated by abyssal darkness, painful and generous, always rich and fascinating, the music of MÜTTERLEIN calls for all superlatives. "Bring Down The Flags" is a sensory experience that music rarely offers us, an album from which we come out marked and changed." (Hard Force)

Bringing the year 2021 to a closure, Artist Marion Leclercq (ex-OVERMARS) released the second MÜTTERLEIN album on December 31st. "Bring Down The Flags" experiments with different sounds and noises, daring to travel into the utmost depths of wallowing pain, frustration and sadness. The six compositions capture the attention of the listener with their hypnotic minimalism and the eradication of all unnecessary arrangements.

"Bring Down The Flags" is now repressed on silver heavy vinyl. This reissue, like the original press, comes with a 2-page insert and a download card. To complement this unique work of Art, different merch (t-shirt/hooded sweatshirt/pin) and a tape/CD edition of the album is availalbe as well. All items can be ordered via our EUUS (no merch) and Bandcamp shops.

Listen to MÜTTERLEIN's second album here:

Posted on 11-14-2022 | Category: Mütterlein