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ARCHGOAT - "Angelcunt" repress

ARCHGOAT - "Angelcunt" repress

"[…] blasphemous-as-hell and hypnotic tracks that echo angel slaughter and virgin defilement throughout. If you ever find this EP, buy it without hesitation! Excellent stuff!" (Metal Crypt)

Released in 1993 during the golden phase of the Black Metal movement, "Angelcunt (Tales Of Desecration)" features seven tracks of untamed hatred and devastation. This morbid compendium of bestial compositions demonstrates the pure quintessence of what Satanic Metal has to offer and inspired legions of artists and bands.

"Angelcunt (Tales Of Desecration)" is repressed on vinyl and available in three different editions – all of them come with a 8-page 12"x12" booklet and download card:

  • classic black heavy vinyl
  • transparent red heavy vinyl
  • transparent red heavy vinyl w/ black splatters (exclusive DMP edition)

This repress features specific vinyl sound preparation by S.D. at The Empty Hall Studios. Also, the B-side of the vinyl features a new screen print design.

Orders are possible from our EUUS and Bandcamp shops. The exclusive DMP edition is only available from the EU and Bandcamp stores.

Listen to the EP via Bandcamp:

Reminder: ARCHGOAT’s latest mini album, "All Christianity Ends", is also available again on vinyl. Displaying a petrifying fusion of old school sound and raw power, these four songs are a natural continuation of the band's first EP "Angelcunt".

Furthermore, the horde will embark on their coming European tour together with WHOREDOM RIFE and THEOTOXIN on November 23rd. Check all tour dates below on the flyer and find more info here!

Posted on 10-12-2022 | Category: Archgoat