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BLUT AUS NORD – "Lovecraftian Echoes"

BLUT AUS NORD – "Lovecraftian Echoes"

"Experimentation and progression are not normally accepted in Black Metal. Bands that have been brave enough to try to expand the narrow parameters of Black Metal have usually failed miserably […]. BLUT AUS NORD not only exceed in making progression and Black Metal go hand in hand, they raise the bar a few notches." (Teeth Of The Divine about "The Work Which Transforms God")

Shortly after the release of "Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses", BLUT AUS NORD unveil a digital compilation consisting of six nightmarish and experimental compositions. The songs on "Lovecraftian Echoes" were composed between 2021 and 2022 and, originally, remained available solely to the members of the Order of Outer Sounds – a collective hub and DMP-subscriber forum. The six compositions are made available to the public digitally, but not in physical format. 

This new work of Art shows the French Black Metal experimentalists dig deeper into the frightening and claustrophobic atmosphere of "The Work Which Transforms God" (2003). However, despite the thematic coherence of the invididual compositions, "Lovecraftian Echoes", must not be understood as an album, but as a compilation of individual glorious anthems to the Great Old Ones.

Tracklist & cover artwork:

01. Nyarlathotep
02. Hypnos
03. The Tomb
04. The Abyss Between The Stars
05. Weird Harmonies From Celephaïs
06. Grotesque Visions

Listen to the six evocations below:

The compilation is available in digital form via our Bandcamp shop.

Posted on 10-06-2022 | Category: Blut Aus Nord