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INFERNO reveal video for 'Ekstasis ...'

INFERNO reveal video for 'Ekstasis ...'

"Each subjective existence is absolute to itself. For this reason, each man lives as if he were the center of the universe or the center of history. Then how could his suffering fail to be absolute? I cannot understand another's suffering in order to diminish my own. There is no salvation through madness, because no man with a premonition of madness can overcome his fear of possible moments of lucidity. One would welcome chaos if one were not afraid of lights in it." (Emil Cioran)

Experimental and progressive-spherical sounds mark the beginning of 'Ekstasis Of The Continuum', before the seven-minute-long song slowly evolves into a hypnotic Black Metal composition. Enriched by eerie melodies and ghostly vocals, Czech Black Metal band INFERNO gave life to an unorthodox, yet especially sinister work of Art. Doing justice to this sonic journey, visual artist Chariot Of Black Moth created a haunting video for the track. Watch the clip below:

INFERNO comment about its creation:

"Chariot Of Black Moth himself suggested creating the clip for 'Ekstasis Of The Continuum' and gave us more than enough reason to believe that his vision could complement ours. We provided him with the complete conceptual text and a few instructions concerning the emotions the visuals were supposed to convey. The result exceeded our expectations for several reasons.

This is not the first time we have commissioned someone or made our own effort to create a visual accompaniment to our music, however, every attempt at 'a proper video clip' ended up rejected and some created parts found their way into short trailers used in the past years. It is only now that we have finally felt that the sounds and images truly gel together, contain the desired vibe and an obscure narrative. Therefore, the videoclip is now made public and we plan to explore this path of creation further in the future.

In a way that might be evident only to us, the video also presents a bridge towards our next work – the groundwork of which is currently being laid. Quite a lot of written and demoed material has already been shared among the core members and even though much culling will take place (like always), we already know that when you hear the next album, "PARADEIGMA" will not feel dark enough anymore..."

"PARADEIGMA (Phosphenes Of Aphotic Eternity)" was released in May 2021 and is available via our EUUS and Bandcamp stores. The album can be listened to on our YouTube channel or via Bandcamp:

Posted on 06-22-2022 | Category: Inferno