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POWER FROM HELL – album details disclosed

POWER FROM HELL – album details disclosed

Three years after the release of "Profound Evil Presence", POWER FROM HELL will unleash the sinister successor, "Shadows Devouring Light", on September 30th. The band's raw Black/Thrash sound of yesteryear has given way to a darker, more complete path within Black Metal: blending the primitive, lo-fi mysticism of the first wave, the unearthly melodic conviction of the second wave and the dissonant arpeggiation of modern innovators in a firestorm of rousing, hair-whipping songcraft.


01. Forsaken By The Father (Intro)
02. Silence
03. The Serpent's Earthly Throne
04. Shadows Devouring Light
05. Primordial Impurity
06. Mother Of Abominations
07. Wings Of Perdition
08. Eve's Holy Vulva
09. Adversary Of Creation
10. Summoning the Abjection

Vocalist and guitarist Sodomic comments on the new sound of the band:

"It took us more than two years to conceive "Shadows Devouring Light". Everything was done calmly so that this album could be the most sincere expression of our current pessimistic view of the world around us. Musically speaking, the album displays a more extreme face of the band when compared to the last few years. This accounts especially for the more dissonant and complex riffs. Black Metal can take on many forms, and this album delivers just that – a more extreme sound that sometimes revisits classics from the past. As everyone can imagine, in the lyrics we also enter the dimensions of theological uncertainty and the increasing and exacerbated anguish of the human condition."

The album was recorded at Gringhouse Studios in Rio De Janeiro in December 2021. Kleber Oliveira at Dark Paradise Recordings in Sao Paulo was responsible for the mixing and the mastering.

Designed by Chilean artist Rodrigo Salvatierra (UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN), the cover artwork of "Shadows Devouring Light" visually represents the concept behind POWER FROM HELL's latest work of Art. Layout was done by Kontamination Design.

Sodomic narrates:

"The main idea of the image and concept behind the artwork is to show the 'light' of the Western world being corrupted and destroyed at the source, meaning as long as it (Christ) is still in the arms of his 'mother'. We wanted to avoid the cliché idea of portraying the Nazarene as an adult man who suffers on the cross. Here the shadows prevent this 'light' from developing and spreading the 'word' in the future. It shows his downfall and annihilation shortly after birth. I would even say that this Art has a hint of Marquis de Sade if you observe the ecstasy in Mary's expression and eyes. Even having to face the horror that surrounds her, she surrenders to sex, blood, heresy, blasphemy, and death – all basic concepts that you find in de Sade's work. Rodrigo is a great artist. We talked a lot to reach this result, and we were very satisfied with his work."

"Shadows Devouring Light" will be released on September 30th on CD, vinyl and digitally. Pre-orders will begin on June 28th.

Posted on 05-17-2022 | Category: Power From Hell