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MÜTTERLEIN – full album stream

MÜTTERLEIN – full album stream

MÜTTERLEIN's second album will be officially released on December 30rd (December 31st on streaming platforms). "Bring Down The Flags" presents six sinister and tension-filled compositions which vividly highlight the broad range of influences that inspired artist Marion Leclercq. This time focusing especially on the electronic and noisy textures, MÜTTERLEIN's newest album expresses a peculiar and solitary grief.

In collaboration with German magazine Sonic Seducer, we proudly present the full album stream today. Check our YouTube channel below:

Marion Leclercq discloses about her latest work of Art:

"It is personal, because I am just trying to reveal my truth and to formulate it for myself. It is absurd, because life is absurd and MÜTTERLEIN is a Sisyphus effort to find meaning in something. It's imperfect because it is deeply human."

"Bring Down The Flags" will be released on December 30th (December 31st on streaming platforms). Pre-orders are possible via our EU, US, and Bandcamp shops.

Posted on 12-21-2021 | Category: Mütterlein