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MODERN RITES – Bass Playthrough

MODERN RITES – Bass Playthrough

MODERN RITES, the new musical project featuring Berg (AARA) and Jonny (KUYASHII), released the debut album "Monuments" on August 27th. Allowing a glimpse behind the scenes, Jonny recorded a bass playthrough for the song 'Black Wolf'. Check it on our YouTube channel:

Jonny narrates about his way of playing bass:

"I first picked up bass guitar when I was about 14. I was initially inspired by Jazz bassists like Charles Mingus and Jaco Pastorius and studied Jazz bass in high school. Even though Jazz was the root of my playing, I was heavily inspired by bassists who challenged what you could accomplish on the instrument regardless of genre.

Early on when I began learning bass, TOOL's "Lateralus" album came out and I was blown away by Justin Chancellor's style of playing which utilized chords and drop-D tuning (now pretty standard stuff). A few years later, my approach to bass became more influenced by J-rock and in particular Tetsuya, the bassist of L'ARC-EN-CIEL. His style is very melodic and functions as a counter to guitar, allowing the bass to really stand out and drive the music. Right around this time was when I got my first multi-effects pedal. That was a game changer with how much the different sounds inspired my approach to bass.

Although I picked up guitar after learning bass and play both equally now, I still feel more at home on four strings and enjoy writing music on it."

"Monuments" is available on CD, vinyl, and digitally via our EU, US, and Bandcamp shops.

Posted on 09-15-2021 | Category: Modern Rites