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SÜHNOPFER - working on new album

SÜHNOPFER - working on new album

Two years after the highly acclaimed Melodic Black Metal album “Hic Regnant Borbonii Manes”, SÜHNOPFER’s mastermind Ardraos is currently finalizing new compositions for a coming longplayer. Today, we offer a glance behind the curtains and reveal a video clip of Ardraos recording the drums. He comments:

 “After the release of the last album, I slowly started to compose new riffs and finally created enough for a new album. All the basic guitar lines for the songs are composed. Afterwards and since the beginning of this year, I started to work on the drums. Currently, I am working on the second half of the drum parts and hope to record them this summer. Then I have a solid basis to work with. When this is done, I will exclusively work on the guitar parts by recording the first lines and compose all the arrangements. That will probably need a lot of time. The new album will show an evolution, but it will keep the same spirit. Maybe the tracks will sound more luminous. As you can see and hear in this video, there will also be some little surprises hidden in the new tracks – some “Baroque” feelings, for example. Also, some texts are fully written, and some are not. I keep working on this puzzle of musical elements.

To compose and record the new drum patterns, Ardraos trusts his gear and drum build-up which he has not changed since the recordings of “Nos Sombres Chapelles” (2010):

 “I am rather conservative with my instruments, and I try to use them until they can’t handle me anymore. And if I feel comfortable to play with something, I do not change anything. My drumkit, in fact, consists of the first drums I ever bought, simply enhanced with lots of new elements throughout the years. Therefore, it is a Yamaha’s DP model (made in 1998, I think) with a 22” bass drum, 10-12-13&16” toms, and a 14” wood snare made by the French drum factory Capelle specially for me (unique handcrafted model with nails all around). I am using cymbals of different brands, 2x16” crashes, a 15” crash, a 12” splash, 16&18” chinas, a 14” hi-hat, and a 20” ride. And finally, a double-foot pedal DW 5002. The only thing I changed, if I am not mistaken, is the fact that I am using lighter sticks than before.”

Posted on 04-26-2021 | Category: Sühnopfer