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ARCHGOAT - tour announcement for winter 2021

ARCHGOAT - tour announcement for winter 2021

Black/Death Metal legends ARCHGOAT just announced that they will team up with Norwegian Black Metalheads WHOREDOM RIFE and Austria’s sinister combo THEOTOXIN for an extensive club and festival tour through Europe this coming winter. The tour is booked and coordinated by District 19.

Not known for being a band of many words, the Finns from ARCHGOAT just had one sentence to say about their planned gigs:

Let's activate the pro-active persecution of Christians again!

The following dates are already confirmed:

25.11.2021 Nova Chmelnice, Prague, CZ
26.11.2021 Club Seilerstrasse, Zwickau, GER
27.11.2021 Braincrusher In Hell, Hirschaid, GER
28.11.2021 Metropool, Enschede, NL
29.11.2021 De Kreun, Kortrijk, BE
30.11.2021 Live Music Hall, Mörlenbach, GER
01.12.2021 Turock, Essen, GER
02.12.2021 Schuur, Luzern, CH
03.12.2021 Goldgrube, Kassel, DE
04.12.2021 Celebrare Noctem, Wels, AT
05.12.2021 Slaughter, Paderno, IT
06.12.2021 L'Amperage, Grenoble, FR
07.12.2021 Le Rex, Toulouse, FR
08.12.2021 Petit Bain, Paris, FR
09.12.2021 Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Eindhoven, NL
10.12.2021 De Mortem Et Diabolum, Berlin, GER
12.12.2021 Kwadrat, Krakow, PL

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