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FORHIST - Second single unveiled

FORHIST - Second single unveiled

Today, we are thrilled to unveil FORHIST's second single, simply entitled 'II', taken from the coming self-titled debut. While the album opener and firstly unleashed composition, 'I', focused more on the dreamy and atmospheric side, 'II' sees mastermind Vindsval (BLUT AUS NORD) embark in colder and more sinister realms. Without denying the firm rooting in the Norwegian Black Metal scene of the 90ies, 'II' is, once again, proof of Vindsval's unique take on the genre.

Nevertheless, "Forhist" aims at reawakening the mysterious and vibrant feeling of the first years of the Black Metal scene - a time when there was an almost fanatic drive behind the artists and bands:

Black Metal "corresponds to a time, very strange by the way, when we were almost all possessed by the genre, nothing else really existed outside of that and the universe totally cut us off from the "real" world, propelled us very far from our daily adolescent life", narrates Vindsval in a long interview with the French webzine Le Scribe Du Rock.

''II' is now streaming on our YouTube channel. "Forhist" will be released on CD, vinyl, tape and digitally on February 26th. Pre-orders are possible now via our EU shopBandcamp and US shop.

Posted on 01-20-2021 | Category: Forhist