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  • Solefald
    27,99 € In Stock
    12" LP Black vinyl The classic Symphonic Black Metal debut from SOLEFALD. Released by Peaceville Records.
  • Dodheimsgard
    22,99 € In Stock
    12" LP Black vinyl. DODHEIMSGARD’s 1998's album plus 2 bonus tracks. Released by Peaceville Records. Satanic Art by Dodheimsgard (DHG)
  • Obtained Enslavement
    27,99 € In Stock
    12" LP OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT's revered second studio album of masterful symphonic and melodic Norwegian Black Metal. Released by Peaceville Records.
  • Mysticum
    27,99 € In Stock
    12" LP Black vinyl. This 2022 vinyl edition includes the original album art, plus a printed inner sleeve. A perfect combination of cold, primitive Black Metal and forward-thinking ideas from an act unafraid to push boundaries. Released by Peaceville Records. In the Streams of Inferno by Mysticum
  • Dodheimsgard
    27,99 € In Stock
    12" LP Black vinyl with printed inner sleeve and lyrics. DODHEIMSGARD's masterful 2007 opus of deranged, depraved and dystopian Black Metal. Released by Peaceville Records. Supervillain Outcast by Dodheimsgard (DHG)
  • Pestilength
    22,80 € 18,00 € In Stock
    Reduced price!
    12" LP w/ damaged sleeve Sold at reduced price due to corner bump on the sleeve. Sold as seen, no refunds/returns. Pressed on black heavy vinyl. Comes with a 2-page insert. Limited edition. PESTILENGTH's sophomore album, "Basom Gryphos", contains eight new songs that entwine a superlative maelstrom of unbeing, a built creature under the prism of M....
  • The Lovecraft Sextet
    10,99 € In Stock
    7" Pressed on black vinyl. Comes with a download card. Issued as a special limited 7”, the two enigmatic tracks which constitute "Black†White" see THE LOVECRAFT SEXTET venture deeper into a crossover of their patented Darkjazz with avant-Black Metal. Both 'Black' and 'White' are possessed of a truly singular atmosphere, borne of experimentation with...
  • Misþyrming
    23,99 € In Stock
    Gatefold 12" LP Black vinyl, 8 pages booklet. By their hammer let none be saved – Misþyrming return to lay down the law. Með hamri is the sound of the iron heel of Black Metal trampling the face of musical modernity. Released by Noevdia. Með hamri by Misþyrming
  • Sodality
    24,99 € In Stock
    12" LP Comes with a 4 pages booklet. Black vinyl. The genesis of “Benediction” can be traced to Hungary. Or more precisely, an encounter with a photography book, weathered by time, depicting rituals of the Christian faith: masses, moments of devotion to the saints, and prayers. These black-and-white photographs – which capture moments of selfless...
  • Mesmerism
    18,99 € In Stock
    7" EP Import from Ixiol Productions Debut recording from this mysterious project. Mesmerizing black metal, true to their name. Previously released on cassette by Feral Heart Productions.
  • Dmigor
    34,99 € In Stock
    12" LP Import from Ixiol Productions Almost unrecognizable from their debut recording, Dmigor return to take us on a journey. Reminiscent of the folk of early Ulver/Agalloch, the synths of Tangerine Dream/Popul Vuh, and at the same time, distinctly unique. Poison Emerald Blood Crown by Dmigor
  • Pre-order
    150,00 € Pre-order
    Exclusive DMP Boxset edition The hand-made wooden boxset edition is limited to 50 copies. Made of engraved oak, it contains the following exclusive items: the DMP-version vinyl edition, a t-shirt, a custom bottle of organic red wine and an enamel pin. This is only available from us via our EU shop. 1 copy per order/customer maximum. Make sure your...