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THROANE unveils new song

THROANE unveils new song

The new French Black Metal prodigy THROANE, created by the renowned Artist Dehn Sora (graphic designer for famous bands like BLUT AUS NORD, ULVER or NEUROSIS and mastermind of the dark entities TREHA SEKTORI, SEMBLER DEAH and OVTRENOIR) is streaming an impressive second excerpt taken from the debut album "Derrière-Nous, La Lumière", set for release on May 27th via Debemur Morti Productions.

This new song, entitled "Nous Blâmons La Tempête De Nous Avoir Laissés En Plaies", is streaming below :

As shown in this awesome composition, the nihilistic music proposed is a forlorn vista at the crossroad between Industrial Black Metal, Post-Core and Dark Ambient. There's no doubt that THROANE has positioned himself to join the elite in the obscure meanders of real underground.
The album, whose artwork has been realized by Dehn Sora himself, contains 7 infected tracks :

1. Sortez Vos Lames, Que Nous Perdions Nos Poings
2. Aussi Féroces Que Nous Repentons
3. Derrière-Nous, La Lumière
4. Un Instant Dans Une Torche
5. Contre Terre
6. Nous Blâmons La Tempête De Nous Avoir Laissés En Plaies
7. A Cette Chute

"Derrière-Nous, La Lumière" is available for preorder right now on Digipack CD (ltd to 500 copies).

The digital edition is available for preorder on Bandcamp.

Posted on 05-11-2016 | Category: Throane